System Assessment

CCTV health checks

592x333 CCTV health check

Checking the critical functionality of your CCTV system; including recording status, camera orientation and reporting any anomalies immediately to enable rapid corrective action.

System health checks

Regular health checks to confirm the operation readiness of your CCTV security system.

Remote Service has been developed by SMC ision to determine the health and operating condition of the technology used in any CCTV system, monitored or otherwise, without the need of an onsite engineer.

Any CCTV system with ethernet capabilities can be supported and monitored on a daily or weekly bases*.

Core service features:

  • Core network status checks
  • Disk status checks
  • Performance status checks
  • Maintenance tests
  • Hosting the checking of your CCTV installations, aids maintenance and repair planning, allowing you to deploy the most appropriate level of service with minimal impact to your business resources.

Typical applications:

  • All CCTV applications - should be tested regularly to maintain the operational effectiveness

Supported technologies**

  • Automated - Daily service checks
  • Dedicated Micros
  • Netvu Connected products (all) i.e. DS2, SD, DVIP, Vista Navigator
  • Manual weekly service checks
  • Technology on application

Status Reporting

There are certain key things that you need to keep an eye on at all times to ensure that you have maximum security. To help our customers gather this information SMC Vision can produce a monthly installer 'Health Check'.

* Service dependent on the level of available integration and features of DVR/NVR.

** Other technologies are available, based on volume and customer requirements. For more details on how we can support you please contact a member of our sales team.