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Camera Tours

Make your camera tours proactive

SMC Vision can perform regular guard tours by connecting to the remote location, and view cameras connected to the system, reducing operational costs in some areas.

Tailored Camera Tours

Supporting and enhancing current static guard services

Remote tours are designed to offer a level of support to either existing static guard services or as a credible alternative to guard services.

Guard tours can follow many different cycles or patterns:

  • Specific scheduled times
  • Randomly generated tours
  • Event-driven from either alarms or venue social events
  • Heightened threat management

Each level of security allows the identification of specific security patterns, which are in place to minimise your business risk.

Typical Applications

All CCTV applications with ethernet capabilities

Supported Technologies*

  • Dedicated Micro's SD, DS2, DVIP, Eco and BX2
  • Adpro - FastScan, FastTX and FastVu
  • Vista - Smart Disk, Smart Tel and Navigator
  • 360 Vision - Linearis, Spectiva, Proxima, Avalon S, Avalon T and Avalon H
  • UTC - VeDVR and EnDvR
  • Panasonic - ND200, ND300, ND400 and HD300
  • Milestone
  • Adder

*Other technologies are available, based on volume and customer requirements.

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