Controlled Access

Remote Secure Access Control

The remote operation of access systems, such as, barriers, gates, doors, arm and disarm systems and control lighting.

592x333 controlled access

Access control and concierge service

Visually and password verified access and entry

Controlling the entry/exit of staff, visitors and contractors with a remote resource is a cost-effective alternative to conventional concierge services.Interacting with:

  • Intercoms
  • Doorways
  • Gates / barriers
  • Lights

Anywhere secure access is required, access can be granted quickly and efficiently ensuring staff and visitors are verified and controlled on your premises.

Typical Applications

  • Utilities
  • Haulage/Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • retail
  • Offices
  • Distribution
  • Banking / Finance

Supported Technologies*

  • Dedicated Micro's - SD, DS2 and DVIP
  • Adpro - Fast Scan, FastTX and FastVu
  • Heitel/Vista - Smart Disk, Smart Tel
  • 360 Vision - Linearis, Avalon T and Avalon H
  • UTC - VeDVR and EnDvR

*Other technologies are available, based on volume and customer requirements.