Driver Minder

Monitoring the safety of drivers

Interacting with access control, CCTV and intruder systems to facilitate safer and more convenient delivery options, potentially minimising risk and maximising delivery resources.

Out of hours delivery management

Enabling secure and cost effective off-peak deliveries

Driver Minder is a remote monitoring-based service developed by SMC Vision with many customer benefits, these include:

  • Protecting lone HGV drivers for H&S and secure delivery cycles
  • Reducing delivery times through off-peak travel
  • Reduction in fuel costs
  • Maximising stock availability
  • Combating shrinkage

By tracking the security seals of each load alongside additional driver prime security protocols, SMC Vision can operate alarms, gates and lighting, thus enabling a driver to carry out cost-effective and secure deliveries with minimal exposure to personnel and security risk.

In addition, this service can aid organisations in meeting reduction of CO2 emissions targets, adding tangible Corporate Social Responsibility statements.

Typical applications

  • Haulage / Storage
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Supported Technologies

  • Dedicated Micro's SD, DS2 and DVIP
  • Adpro - FastScan, FastTX and FastVu
  • Heitel / Vista - Smart Tel and Smart Disk
  • 360 Vision - Linearis, Avalon T and Avalon H
  • UTC - VeDVR and EnDvR

*Other technologies are available, based on volume and customer requirements.