Live Intervention

Protection of staff in high risk and vulnerable environments

592x333 live intervention

Personal Attack (PA) Hold Up alarm (HUA) and Duress Interactive Monitoring assists in the protection of staff in vulnerable, remote and high risk environments using security measures.

SMC Vision can remotely monitor and respond to PA/HUA and Duress Alarms creating a safer and more secure environment for staff and cash at vulnerable operational times.

Covertly or overtly responding to situations where on site staff are at risk from attack in the workplace, cash and stock theft. Using PA/HUA and Duress alarms, enables SMC Vision to effectively assess the situation and respond to the situation impassively, creating the maximum opportunity to reduce risk to staff and maximise the deployment of appropriate emergency response.

SMC Vision can interact with:

  • Air lock doors
  • Cloaking devices
  • Public Address systems
  • Emergency Services, such as police, ambulance, etc.

This level of protection creates a new dimension of employee personal safety in challenging and vulnerable situations.

Typical Applications:

  • Retail
  • Local Authority
  • Hotel / Leisure
  • Banking / Finance
  • Distribution

Supported Technologies*

  • Dedicated Micro's - SD, DS2, DVIP
  • Adpro - Fast Scan, FAST TX and FastVu
  • Heitel/Vista - Smart Disk, Smart Tel
  • 360 Vision - Linearis, Avalon T and Avalon H
  • Panasonic - ND200, ND300, ND400 and HD300
  • UTC - VeDVR and EnDvR
  • Milestone

*Other technologies are availabe, based on volume and customer requirements.