External Detector Activated Surveillance

592x333 Cameras

Help protect your premises from acts of crime and vandalism, in locations where providing a guard can be both impractical and expensive.

Responding to genuine alarm conditions to provide an immediate deterrent to intruders

SMC Vision is at the forefront of remote video surveillance, protecting people, premises and assets. Holding both BS8418 for monitoring of the detector activated CCTV systems and BS5979 for approval for alarm Receiving, ensures a professional and approved approach to resolving remote security solutions.

A team of dedicated and highly trained, licensed operators will respond to your detector activated alarms, 24/7.

Viewing the area of activation, our operators ascertain the most appropriate action to manage the activity at the site. By using the images presented by the detection system, remotely interacting with audio systems and escalating issues to police or other authorities, we ensure the most appropriate level of support and only involve staff, guard patrols or key holders where absolutely necessary.

All alarm response plans are created to reflect each site's unique circumstances and are developed to combat known issues, with the opportunity to develop further response plans to adapt to evolving business needs.

Typical Applications

Car dealerships

Hire companies

Education centres




Supported Technologies*

Dedicated Micro's - SD, DS2 * DVIP

Adpro - Fast Scan, FastTX & FastVu

Heitel/Vista - Smart Disk

360 Vision - Linearls, Avalon T & Avalon H

Panasonic - ND200, ND300, ND400 & HD300


*Other technologies are available, based on volume and customer requirements.